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Beer Fridge

PNW brews to your door


When co-founders Travis Kane and Jake Bassett came up with the idea for Beer Fridge, a direct-to-consumer, subscription beer service, the Pacific Northwest natives knew they would highlight the plethora of local breweries that, like them, call Washington home.

Since 2022, Beer Fridge has been shipping eight, 12 and 24-packs of curated craft beer to 14 state across the country, with options for basically any fizzy drink lover.

“There’s so many amazing breweries brewing so many cool beers here,” Bassett said. “The hardest part is selecting which beers we’re going to feature. We’re excited to start localizing different gift boxes and curating to a specific area.”

Boxes come by flavor profile – ciders, sours, and hazy IPAs all have their own variety packs – by specific brewery, or by region. The “Taste of Bellingham Beer Box” has been one of the company’s best-sellers, Bassett said, including local legends such as Aslan, Kulshan, Boundary Bay, Stemma, Gruff, Beach Cat Brewing, Fringe, Wander and Larrabee Lager.

“Being locals that love Bellingham and love the brewery scene here, we really just wanted a chance to show off how amazing the brewery scene here is,” Bassett said. “Up here in Bellingham, we’ve got some amazing breweries, it was kind of a no-brainer to put together a box that showcased all the amazing stuff coming out of our area.”

The popularity of the Bellingham-centric subscription lead to Beer Fridge’s newest creation, the “Taste of Washington Beer Box.” Featuring famous brewing companies such as Fremont Brewing, Bale Breaker, and Reuben’s Brews, the Taste of Washington box is a love letter to the hop-producing capital of the world, and the countless master brewers that craft the beer we know and love today.

“Washington is such a landmark location for the brewery scene, it has such a rich history of breweries,” Bassett said. “It was a chance to take the Washington beer scene and put a spotlight on it and share the best that we have to offer with some iconic brands.”

Shipping costs depend on whether you purchase one item, or sign up for a monthly subscription. Beer Fridge ships to Washington, Oregon, Idaho, California, Nevada, Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, North Dakota, Nebraska, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Washington, D.C., and all orders must sign and show valid ID at their doorstep, Bassett said.

For more info and to learn how to sign up for a subscription, visit www.getbeerfridge.com    X