If you can see Mt. Baker, you are part of The Experience

Exploring the wonders of the Salish Sea

with Dragonfly Kayak Tours


There’s no comparison to the sense of anticipation as the sun begins to rise over the waters of Wildcat Cove in Larrabee State Park. Its illumination foreshadows an epic day of adventure.

The tranquil lapping of waves against the water’s edge is the soundtrack of this moment. As you maneuver your kayak into the water, you ponder where this adventure will take you. Surrounded by the splendor of Larrabee State Park, the options for exploration are bountiful. Will you head north toward Chuckanut Island or veer south to Dogfish Point?

The allure of Chuckanut Island’s captivating views and ambiance is a serene experience. The island’s winding trail beckons explorers, promising a hidden gem for those who love to walk an intimate and exclusive path. Paddlers will have an opportunity to unwind on the beach, savor snacks brought from home, or opt for a refreshing dip in the crystalline waters. Often, islands are beloved pit stops for wildlife creatures such as seals, birds and sea otters.

Alternatively, the journey to Dogfish Point unfolds a world of wonder along the rocky shoreline. Hidden coves of fish, sea stars and other marine life are known to hang in the crevasses of the glorious sandstone formations. There are both natural and manmade terraces to shore up on. Enjoy a snack or stop to soak up the sun on a notable clothing-optional beach, a liberating connection with nature unique to this destination.

Either of these remarkable routes promise a treasure trove of exploration and diverse experience of the Salish Sea. They reveal the vastness of our waters and mesmerizing charm of the Pacific Northwest. It is the elegance of a postcard image. You will relish in the awe-inspiring beauty with each stroke of your paddle, and enjoy an unforgettable adventure no matter what you choose. 

A day spent on the water is more than an excursion – it is an embodiment of nautical adventure PNW style. From the tranquility of islands to the enchanting rocky coastlines, every moment promises an epic adventure you’ll never forget.     X

Tori Ayers owns and operates Dragonfly Kayak Tours, to learn more, visit dragonflykayaktours.com