If you can see Mt. Baker, you are part of The Experience

Fall 2019 photo gallery


Tara and Carl Simpson hiking through an autumn wonderland in the Glacier Peak Wilderness. Jason Hummel photo.

Liberty Bell after a fall snowstorm. Alan Majchrowicz photo.

Wes Hoen on a boulder at Larrabee State Park. Ben Shanks Kindlon photo.

Adam McCoy following the warm light on a late summer day in Whatcom County. Brad Andrew photo.

Eythan Frost powersliding through autumn on Western Washington University’s campus. Ben Shanks Kindlon photo.[/caption]

A climber enjoys the exposure of the Sunshine Wall at Frenchman Coulee. Matthew Tangeman photo.

The Strawberry Moon rises over a north flank of Mt. Baker. Audra Lee Mercille photo.

Fall color on Ptarmigan Ridge. Jefferson Morriss photo.

Pedaling to climb in the Twin Sisters Range. Evan Skoczenski photo.

Justin Norman, backside lipslide in Bellingham. Ben Shanks Kindlon photo.

Forests in the Homathko River watershed, B.C. Matthew Tangeman photo.

Trail running in the golden hour. Evan Skoczenski photo.

Adam McCoy weaving through the Anacortes Community Forest Lands. Brad Andrew photo.

Winter paddling on Bellingham Bay. Evan Skoczenski photo.

Last light at a North Cascades fire lookout. Audra Lee Mercille photo.

Twenty percent chance of rain in the Pasayten Wilderness. Matthew Tangeman photo.

Hikers descending toward the Methow Valley. Audra Lee Mercille photo.

Three hikers after a fall snowstorm in the Enchantments. Jason Griffith photo.

Jeff Rich filters water in Escalante, Utah. Jason Hummel photo.