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Flying on Water: Wing Foiling Bellingham Bay


Words by Ethan Fritzberg. Photos by Ethan Fritzberg and Aaron Knapp

Wing foiling is the newest and by far fastest-growing wind sport. An inflatable hand wing and a hydrofoil board allow you to harness the wind and fly above the water. Ethan Fritzberg rides a wave at Squalicum Beach. Photo by Aaron Knapp.

Kite foiling uses a hydrofoil board and a large, four-line kite. The high efficiency of a hydrofoil combined with the power a large kite can generate makes this the best wind sport for lighter winds. Pictured: Aaron Knapp. Photo by Ethan Fritzberg.

Kiteboarding uses a twin tip kite board (similar to a wakeboard) and a large four-line kite to propel riders across the water. This is the best wind sport for big air and freestyle riding. Rider Aaron Knapp and photographer Ethan Fritzberg both work at Bellingham’s Kite Paddle Surf, a local surf shop with expertise on all these sports and more. Info about lessons, rentals and more at kitepaddlesurf.com[/caption]