If you can see Mt. Baker, you are part of The Experience

Spring 2021 gallery


Climbers descend below Mt. Baker’s Roman Wall past the active crater and ridge to Sherman Peak. Brett Baunton photo.[/caption]

KC Deane and Jon Hansen through dense forest outside Bellingham, Washington. Grant Gunderson photo.

Jumping for joy. Skye Schillhammer photo.

Amy Arnts finds a puddle on a sunny day at Galbraith. Evan Skoczenski photo.

The view of the Cascades from Three Fingers Lookout outside Darrington, Washington. Evan Skoczenski photo.

Dropping in. Skye Schillhammer photo.

Jake Leonard climbs the first ascent of his new route "Afterburner" on Snow Creek Wall, Leavenworth, Washington. Matthew Tangeman.

Wildflowers color the view of Mt. Baker along the High Divide Trail. Radka Chapin photo.

Olivine takes in the evening light and Mt. Baker from Ptarmigan Ridge. Audra Lee Mercille photo.

Malcolm Daly drops the tool belt and replaces his steel toes with 7mm booties during a much needed and sporadic day off to enjoy this little vision on Vancouver Island. Marcus Paladino photo.

Campfire stories and good times with friends on Baker Lake. Audra Lee Mercille photo.

Madison Rose Ostergen shows off the kicks. Re Wikstrom photo.

Sixteen-year-old Nelson Gosoeman drops into a steep line around Mt. Baker Ski Area. Grant Gunderson photo.

Break time with a view of Ragged Ridge in North Cascades National Park. Jason Griffith photo.

Dustin Nelson during his 3 a.m. grooming session for Mt. Baker Ski Area. Evan Skoczenski photo.

Springtime fire by the Nooksack River with Amy and Ollie. Evan Skoczenski photo.

Zak Griffith settles in for a long winter’s night on the shore of Baker Lake. Jason Griffith photo.[/caption]

Bitterroot flowers in Methow Valley. Jason Griffith photo.

Lettin’ it loose on Galbraith. Skye Schillhammer photo.[/caption]