If you can see Mt. Baker, you are part of The Experience

Spring 2022 photo gallery


“Pete Devries makes it look too easy, but believe me, it is not,” says Marcus Paladino. “I’ll always remember the first time I (successfully) swam at this favorite slab on Vancouver Island. When I got home it felt like I was still in the water.” Marcus Paladino photo[/caption]

Brian Zig rappelling off Mt. Shuksan above Sulphide Glacier. Alex Rupp photo

After a long winter, celebrating the sun at Bowman Bay near Deception Pass. Jason Griffith photo

Dean Collins skiing at Mt. Baker Ski Area. Grant Gunderson photo

Bradley Briggs on the upper North Ridge of Mt. Baker. Matthew Tangeman photo

Ilana Newman climbing Green Creek Arete, a classic romp in the Green Creek Valley, Twin Sisters Range, North Cascades. Matthew Tangeman photo

KC Deane and Jon Hansen biking in Bellingham. Grant Gunderson photo

Sophia Mickelson, 7, enjoys an early-season ride on Galbraith Mountain. Eric Mickelson photo

Amy Arnts climbing around Clayton Beach without a sweatshirt is a sign of warmer days ahead. Evan Skoczenski photo

A small offshoot stream from Mt. Baker Highway captured with a slow shutter after a week of rainfall. Evan Skoczenski photo

After a long day, the sun is still up and Carl Simpson is still skiing in the North Cascades. Jason Hummel photo

Stian Gunderson enjoying the springtime foliage in Bellingham. Grant Gunderson photo

A Royal Basin (goat) ranger on patrol in Olympic National Park. Jason Griffith photo

Jon Hansen and Kristian Rowley riding 5620 in Revelstoke, B.C. Grant Gunderson photo

With amazing skiing behind us, and more ahead, friends are about as happy as they can be. Klawatti Peak, Washington. Jason Hummel photo

Kyle Huebner in a dense layer of fog in Galbraith Mountain forest as the snow melts away. Brad Walton photo