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Summer 2017 photo gallery

Christina Volken and Aurielle Eyer on a summit in the North Cascades. Gabe Rogel photo.
Mallorie Estenson traversing Forbidden Peak in the North Cascades. Tim Black photo.
Todd Zimmerman riding through golden light in Whatcom County. Eric Mickelson photo.
Carl Simpson, Rory Robison and Jeff Rich climb toward the summit of Dome Peak. Jason Hummel photo.
A mountain goat on the Pacific Crest Trail south of Stevens Pass. Audra Lee Mercille photo.
Jann Eberharter takes a riverside snooze. Anne Cleary photo.
Leif Embertson runs Robe Canyon on the South Fork Stillaguamish River. Eric Mickelson photo.
Riding shotgun in a 1986 Vanagon. Evan Skoczenski photo.
Hikers on the Railroad Grade trail, on the south side of Mount Baker. Brett Baunton photo.
Jeff Rich crosses the outlet stream from White Rock Lakes. Jason Hummel photo.
Sunrise from Hannegan Peak. Audra Lee Mercille photo.
A summer campfire on the beach. Anne Cleary photo.
The Middle Cascade Glacier. Jason Hummel photo.
Jumping off a dock into Ross Lake. Jason Griffith photo.
Climbers traverse a ridge toward Sahale Peak. Jason Griffith photo.
The moon over Dana Glacier. Jason Hummel photo.
Hikers walk along Kool-Aid Lake in the North Cascades. Jason Hummel photo.