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Summer 2023 photo gallery

Tara Simpson on the Ptarmigan Traverse. Jason Hummel photo
Kayakers enjoy an early summer sunset off the shore of Larrabee State Park. Audra Lee Mercille photo
Pete Devries on the beach corner, avoiding crowds in Tofino, B.C. Marcus Paladino photo
Dr. Robie Sterling gracefully jams his way up Gold Rush at Trout Creek climbing area in north-central Oregon. David Summers photo


Point of View: KC Deane riding with a custom camera rig in Bellingham. Grant Gunderson photo


Ilana Newman in the Green Creek Valley. Matthew Tangeman photo
Kinley fetching sticks at Lake Whatcom. David Summers photo
Lujenga gets her feet wet in Baker Lake. Audra Lee Mercille photo
A humpback whale breaches along the coast of Vancouver Island. Marcus Paladino photo
Pete Devries makes the most of a summer abundance of small waves and onshore wind in Tofino, B.C. Marcus Paladino photo
Mauricio Posada and Marteen Dijkstra pond skimming at Baker. Albert England photo
SpaceX internet service Starlink over Table Mountain. Audra Lee Mercille photo
Sunrise glow on the Twin Sisters. Brett Baunton photo
Ananda Scott practicing her yoga as the sun sets over the Cascades just outside of Leavenworth. David Summers photo
Mountain biking Sage Hills near Wenatchee. David Summers photo
Gus Landefeld camping at the Nesakwatch bivouac in Fraser Valley, B.C. Matthew Tangeman photo