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UFOiTeam investigates paranormal activity at Mount Baker

Illustration of an UFO sighting above the Nooksack River. Illustration by Snowy Benson

Recent UFO sighting reports prompt local group to take a closer look at the Mt. Baker area.

By Pat Grubb

We are not alone.

Perhaps a few of us have sat at Artist Point, gazed up at the cosmos and wondered, “Is there anyone out there?” But did we get an answer?

Well, some people have. They actually saw something. A UFO, to be exact.

Just recently, the US government released a video taken in 2004 by Commander David Fravor, a Navy pilot flying an intercept off of San Diego that shows an unidentified object soaring at speeds and attitudes unlike anything the pilot had ever seen before. He doesn’t know what the object was but said, whatever it was, it was “something not from Earth.”

The video was released last December after the Pentagon announced the existence of the Advanced Aviation Threat Identification Program, a project that studied UFOs and operated from 2007 to 2012.

Washington state and Whatcom County are no stranger to mysterious objects in the sky and multiple sightings have raised questions among residents. In search of answers, a group that calls itself The UFOiTeam visited Glacier last fall and held a town hall meeting to discuss three UFO sightings that had been reported in the area. The Mount Baker Experience recently interviewed Michael Hall, the founder of The UFOiTeam. Hall is a former Thurston County Superior Court Judge Pro Tem and currently maintains a general legal and estate-planning practice in Edmonds, Washington, where he also finds time to serve as pro bono legal counsel for various local and national non-profit organizations.

MBE: Tell us about The UFOiTeam?

Hall: There are currently 15 members of The UFOiTeam, each with their own UFO/paranormal experience and background. We are based in the Seattle area, with members residing from Arlington to Burien and various communities in between. The UFOiTeam has been in existence since August of 2017. However, a core group of the team has been informally going on skywatch expeditions for approximately five years. Many of the investigations are prompted by sighting reports that are reported to noted UFOlogist Peter Davenport’s National UFO Reporting Center (NURC). The UFOiTeam has conducted skywatch investigations all over the Pacific Northwest and has plans to travel nationwide and abroad.

MBE: How did team members find each other?

Hall: I met with ‘myself’ at a local Denny’s restaurant, where I eventually invited a few friends to meet and discuss UFOs and other paranormal topics. In no time, the group grew to its current 15 members.

We have seen strange reports of glowing orbs of light and streaking fireballs that are just as puzzling as any anomalous craft in the sky.

MBE: What brought the team to Glacier and the Mt. Baker area last October? Is there anything special about this area?

Hall: The UFOiTeam’s recent October 20-22 trip, town meeting and skywatch investigation in Glacier was prompted by a few of the core members wanting to follow up on unique UFO sighting reports that had been sent to NURC. These include a young woman’s sighting of a multi-colored, rectangular object that hovered near her home for over 14 hours. We have seen strange reports of glowing orbs of light and streaking fireballs that are just as puzzling as any anomalous craft in the sky. Perhaps the most compelling of The UFOiTeam’s recent reports comes from a Harley-Davidson biker who, while traveling late at night, reported seeing a huge glowing triangular-shaped craft that flew above him at treetop level which then veered off and hovered over the river by the highway. Stopping to get a better look, he saw the object let down “glowing tentacles” into the river and began sucking water into the craft. Suddenly, two Black Hawk military helicopters arrived which chased the craft after it swiftly took off and covered an estimated distance of ten miles in less than two seconds.

MBE: Tell us about some of your group’s members.

UFOiTeam members at Wake ‘N Bakery in Glacier. Contributed photo.

Hall: The UFOiTEAM is a seasoned group of UFO and Paranormal field investigators (some with Masters and Ph.D. degrees) who follow up on various UFO and Anomalous sighting reports. Each member is also an “Experiencer” with their own stories to relate. From amazing UFO/Paranormal sighting reports, to breath-taking abduction testimony, from channeling Arcturian entities to holding actual hypnotic regressions, each UFOiTeam member has an amazing story to tell and the scientific evidence to back up their claims.

To learn more about The UFOiTeam’s visit to Mt. Baker, check out The UFOiTeam’s YouTube trailer at bit.ly/2ErsyMA or their Facebook site at UFOiTeam. View NURC UFO sightings at ufocenter.com. 

Actual NURC UFO sighting reports:

Location: Glacier, WA

Occurred: 11/20/2015

Shape: Circle

Duration: 5 minutes

Three people saw a large orange reddish ball in the western night sky with unusual movement – never saw anything like it before.

My husband and his friend were walking our dog, when they saw a large orange-reddish circle or ball in the western night sky. It was not a plane or a helicopter because there were no flashing lights and the way it moved.

It moved sideways with a quick burst of speed then it would stop and hover for seconds then move sideways back the way it came from. There was no sound. My husband called me outside and I saw the ball as well. We saw the ball repeat moving side to side and stop and hover for a bit then it flickered and disappeared. It was very high in the night sky and for being so high it was quite large. Never saw anything like it before.

Location: Bellingham, WA

Occurred: 7/26/2017

Shape: Circle

Duration: 15 seconds

Looked like a standard satellite in orbit that suddenly became larger, took on a very bright yellow glow, faded and changed direction.

We were sitting on the deck just after midnight. Very clear skies, observing stars. Spotted what appeared to be a satellite, very high up, moving from south to northeast. Observed for several seconds.

Object suddenly lit up very brightly, a yellow white light, lasted for several seconds then went back to the pale light it was when first sighted and took a sharp turn west and disappeared. Neither of us have ever seen anything like it.

No, we weren’t drunk or stoned. If I didn’t think it was quite remarkable, I wouldn’t have bothered to find this website and write this report.

Location: Custer, WA

Occurred: 11/27/2014

Shape: Delta-shaped

Duration: 45 second

Delta-shaped object with two very bright forward lights.

We were traveling south on Valley View Road at 9:30 p.m., right after Thanksgiving dinner. It was very rainy and overcast. My passenger pointed out lights in the sky.

At first I thought it was a bright moon peeking through the clouds but then it became apparent that it was two very bright landing lights (the brightest I’ve ever seen) and we were at least 20 miles away from the nearest commercial airport.

It drifted down to my left and for its size (I would say it was at least 75 feet long) made absolutely no sound. There were no other cars on the road at that moment and the only sound was the rain on the windshield. It had some small lights on its belly. It was somewhat delta-shaped but it appeared to have two sections carved out of its tail giving the impression of wings but it was still one solid object.

It followed the tree line, floating majestically over it, banked and then descended into a field on the other side of the tree line. I doubled back to see if I could get a better glimpse of it, but it was gone.

“We now return control of your television set to you. Until next week at the same time, when the control voice will take you to … The Outer Limits.”