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  • Time on the Columbia - River floating from Hanford Reach By Eric Lucas Hanford Reach is a place of wonder. Such as, I wonder why bank swallows never make their nests in cliffs? And vice-versa? Floating the last open stretch of the Columbia River offers acres of time for stray thoughts such as that. This is a land of deep […]
  • Paddling the San Juans - By Eric Lucas At first glance the eagle nearby looks like it is perched on the water. It’s an illusion, of course – eagles don’t perch on the sea any more than I do – but it’s an engaging one. The platinum waters of San Juan Island’s Roche Harbor have slow, languid little swells that […]
  • Newsroom, Spring 2020 -   World paddling film festival The Paddling Film Festival World Tour is coming to Bellingham for the second year in a row, bringing about 25 films to Bellingham Technical College on April 3. Doors open at 5:30 p.m. and films start at 7 p.m. The festival, launched in 2006 by Rapid Media, shows films in […]
  • North Cascades National Park paddling guide - By Maya Hunger North Cascades National Park has everything an adventurer could dream of in the Pacific Northwest – remote wilderness full of old-growth trees, massive glaciers with electric-blue ice and deep bodies of water surrounded by mountains. Vehicle access is limited to the North Cascades Highway and a few roads that probe the park’s […]
  • Ski to Sea competitors can now race multiple legs - A change to the historic race allows competitors to race in three legs. Teams can have between three and eight members. By Oliver Lazenby What’s the hardest segment in the seven-leg Ski to Sea race? The eight-mile downhill running leg is a strong candidate. But the kayak leg can be grueling in the wrong conditions. […]
  • New access for the Nooksack? - By Wendy McDermott American Rivers director for Rivers of Puget Sound and Columbia Basin The Nooksack River is one of the only rivers in Washington that offers year-round whitewater boating. The glacier-melt from Mt. Baker and Mt. Shuksan feeds the Nooksack through the summer season, attracting boaters to the area when other rivers become too […]
  • Clean, Drain, Dry: A Bellingham program tackles underwater invasives - Story and photos by Ben Whitney Not exactly the poster children for environmental crisis, zebra and quagga mussels and other invasive freshwater species have not been known to inspire the hoo-rah mitigation efforts seen for other noxious critters until they’ve already made their mark. Every bit as problematic as tree toppling bugs like the emerald […]
  • Car-free Ski to Sea with the Wetboyz - Story by Oliver Lazenby Photos by Steven Gadingan Monday, May 23, 2016 It’s 50 minutes into a planning meeting for car-free Ski to Sea and team Wetboyz of Aslan Brew have tie-dyed a bunch of uniforms, but haven’t done any actual planning. There’s a lot to work out – the Wetboyz have to get equipment […]
  • Paddling Chilliwack Lake - Paddling Chilliwack Lake, by Sue Madsen. October 2006 – raindrops dot the water’s still surface and small waves lap the rocky shoreline. We’re a silent group in the morning mist as we work...
  • Bowron Lakes - Bowron Lakes, by Jason Hummel. Places have their sounds. They travel with you wherever you go. When an owl hoots, memories of desert canyons above Death Valley are awakened...

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