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  • Review: Orca - By Meg Olson Orca: Shared Waters, Shared Home Lynda V. Mapes Braided River, A Co-Publication with The Seattle Times Our bookstore hangs over the waters of Penn Cove where, in 1970, 100 orca were trapped behind nets and herded with firecrackers. Seven were taken into captivity and sold, and five died. Members of Lummi Nation […]
  • Fall 2018 photo gallery -  
  • Postcards: The Methow Valley’s healing waters - Story and photo by Nick Belcaster I’d never seen a man drive a car with his left foot until that day. But then again there are many things I’ve never seen. Maybe it was time. “Can’t be discriminating between feet, you know,” he said; again, something I’d never really considered. We were snapping along the […]
  • New access for the Nooksack? - By Wendy McDermott American Rivers director for Rivers of Puget Sound and Columbia Basin The Nooksack River is one of the only rivers in Washington that offers year-round whitewater boating. The glacier-melt from Mt. Baker and Mt. Shuksan feeds the Nooksack through the summer season, attracting boaters to the area when other rivers become too […]
  • Clean, Drain, Dry: A Bellingham program tackles underwater invasives - Story and photos by Ben Whitney Not exactly the poster children for environmental crisis, zebra and quagga mussels and other invasive freshwater species have not been known to inspire the hoo-rah mitigation efforts seen for other noxious critters until they’ve already made their mark. Every bit as problematic as tree toppling bugs like the emerald […]
  • A hundred grand: set net salmon fishing in Bristol Bay - By Ian Ferguson Photos by Kristina Kurtz July 22 Every other wave sent a wall of green spraying over the bow. The electric bilge pump couldn’t keep up, and water was pooling in the stern. “Take the wheel,” Captain Jerry said, before digging a blue water cooler from under a pile of gear and using […]
  • Langara Island - Canada’s salmon fishing mecca By Matt Gruchey Summertime on the British Columbia coast is an exciting time for sport fishers. Massive agglomerations of all five Pacific salmon species move in from the open ocean toward the continental landmass to begin an incredible journey to their natal rivers, feeding prolifically along the way. Though many areas […]
  • British Columbia’s Skagit Valley - The Skagit Valley in BC offers prime fly fishing in a remote, pristine mountain valley.
  • Rod in hand: an African fly fishing adventure - Two Pacific northwest fly fishermen take a wild journey to Africa, fishing their way through exotic lands.
  • Fly fishing the Skagit River - With a two-handed Spey rod in the boat, clear blue skies and no deadlines overhead, we set out to float the scenic Skagit River in search of bull trout and whatever else might bite.

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