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  • My Private Island - A family retreat from the Diablo Lake crowds By Tony Moceri Venturing out into wilderness on a camping trip is a great way to spend time in nature and escape the crowds. At least it used to be. Camping has seen a boom over the last year as people look for ways to get out […]
  • Car-free Ski to Sea with the Wetboyz - Story by Oliver Lazenby Photos by Steven Gadingan Monday, May 23, 2016 It’s 50 minutes into a planning meeting for car-free Ski to Sea and team Wetboyz of Aslan Brew have tie-dyed a bunch of uniforms, but haven’t done any actual planning. There’s a lot to work out – the Wetboyz have to get equipment […]
  • Summer 2016 photo gallery -
  • Three Rivers, Many Hours - Three Rivers, Many Hours Triad River guides master their art Story by Ian Ferguson Triad River Tours operates on three rivers – the Skagit, Sauk and Suiattle – that encompass a wide variety of environments, and by running trips in those diverse settings, Bellingham’s newest rafting company caters to more than just the adrenaline-seeking set. […]

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  • WA360: You don’t have to be nuts, but it would sure help - Story by Pat Grubb What do you do if you’ve been holding the longest race in North America since 2015, one that won’t let you use an engine, that presents some of the trickiest sailing challenges such as tidal currents running at 16 knots with whirlpools 30 feet across and six feet deep, that crosses […]
  • New access for the Nooksack? - By Wendy McDermott American Rivers director for Rivers of Puget Sound and Columbia Basin The Nooksack River is one of the only rivers in Washington that offers year-round whitewater boating. The glacier-melt from Mt. Baker and Mt. Shuksan feeds the Nooksack through the summer season, attracting boaters to the area when other rivers become too […]
  • Race to Alaska Strategy: Sails vs human power, speed vs survivability - By Oliver Lazenby A self-proclaimed “shop rat” from a Port Townsend boat shop told me the key to quickly making it up the Inside Channel to Alaska without a motor is having the right combination of human power and sailing ability. Common sense suggests a high performance (i.e. expensive) catamaran or trimaran would be the […]
  • Rafting the Nooksack - White water rafting on the Nooksack River.

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