If you can see Mt. Baker, you are part of The Experience

Fall 2023 Gallery


COVER: A waterfall hundreds of feet high, full of stair-stepped drops, born on high snowfields and alp slopes, presents Jenny Abegg with a view to ogle over while fording. Photo by Jason Hummel.

Fall color drapes the slopes of Sourdough Mountain, and leads the eye towards the turquoise waters of Diablo Lake and the glaciated peaks of the North Cascades. With the recent fires on Sourdough Mountain, these views will be changed for many years to come. Photo by Christian Murillo.

KC Deane riding at Brundage Mountain in McCall, ID. Photo by Grant Gunderson.

The nutrition staple of the Pacific Northwest, the sockeye salmon. Photo by Christian Murillo.

Jon Hansen riding the 5620 trail on Revelstoke Mountain Resort. Photo by Grant Gunderson.

KC Deane and Jon Hansen biking in Bellingham, WA. Photo by Grant Gunderson.

Zack Giffin (background) and Tess Grolling (foreground) backpacking the McKenzie River Trail, OR. Photo by Grant Gunderson.

A harbor seal finds protection in a bull kelp forest in Deception Pass, WA. Kelp forests are critical in the Salish Sea ecosystem not only for the habitat they provide, but also for the carbon they sequester. Photo by Christian Murillo.

Kalen Thorien hiking in Zion National Park, UT. Photo by Grant Gunderson.

Jenny Abegg enjoys a morning coffee, just as it should be enjoyed - on a chilly morning with a splash of sun and a spoonful of color. Photo by Jason Hummel.

Molly Baker (left) and Zack Giffin (right) backpacking near Appleton Pass in Olympic National Park, WA. Photo by Grant Gunderson.

John Ellings (left) and Sarah Nelson (right) prep morning coffee when and where it's meant to be, at sunrise. Photo by Jason Hummel.

Eric Brown, trail director of the Whatcom Mountain Bike Coalition, in Bellingham, WA. Photo by Grant Gunderson.

Jenny Abegg prepares for sleep with high peaks and stars for company. Photo by Jason Hummel.

KC Deane biking in Bellingham, WA. Photo by Grant Gunderson.

Alex Borsuk (right) and Matt Hasenohr (left) trail running in Ticino, Switzerland. Photo by Grant Gunderson.

Jess LeVee (left) and Ben Pippenger (right) running through Discovery Park, Seattle, WA. Photo by Grant Gunderson.

The last light of the day strikes a serac on the Sulphide Glacier on Mt. Shuksan, WA. The lighting is representative of the fleeting amount of time we have left to decrease our carbon footprint and preserve these alpine ecosystems. Photo by Christian Murillo.

High ridge walking with the Dakobed Range and smoky haze low in the valleys. Photo by Jason Hummel.

Carston Oliver and Brice Shirbach mountain biking in Verbier, Switzerland.

PARTING SHOT: KC Deane mountain biking in Hakkuba, Japan. Photo by Grant Gunderson.