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Spring 2024 Book Reviews


Salmon Cedar Rock & Rain:

Washington’s Olympic Peninsula

Tim McNulty

Braided River

Between the Salish Sea and the Pacific Ocean, the Olympic Peninsula is an iconic intersection of wilderness and human cultures. An almost impenetrable mountain range at its center radiates a dense network of rivers that run through ancient forests on their way to the sea, supporting rich biodiversity. Still host to many of the indigenous peoples that have called it home since time immemorial, the peninsula’s history is filled with stories of adventure and wild spaces, of taking from nature, and of restoring and protecting it.

Naturalist, writer and poet Tim McNulty is the author of the classic “Olympic Natural Park: A Natural History,” now in its fourth edition. Here he takes us beyond the park boundaries, collaborating with writers from five of the sovereign tribes of the Olympic Peninsula and dozens of celebrated regional writers and photographers to take you deeper into the natural and cultural history of a complex and magical place like no other.

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