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Summer 2018 NCNP gallery

Aurielle Eyer and Michael LaMartin hiking to Winchester Mountain Lookout. Gabe Rogel photo.
A family hike in the North Cascades / Jason Griffith photo.
Copper Ridge Lookout in the north unit of North Cascades National Park / Audra Lee Mercille photo.
Tim Black and Ashton Richie downclimbing from Mt. Redoubt / Jason Hummel photo.
Black bear / Andy Porter photo.
A curious mountain goat at Sahale Camp / Andy Porter photo.
Salmon in the headwaters of the Chilliwack River / Andy Porter photo.
A hiker at Park Creek Pass / Andy Porter photo.
Waterfall near Cascade Pass / Matthew Tangeman photo.

An icy lake that’s not on your map / Jason Griffith photo.[/caption]

Chris Chapin descends from Mt. Rahm on a six-day trip through the Chilliwack peaks / Radka Chapin photo.
A glacier near Eldorado Peak / Jason Griffith photo.
Skiing down the Boston Glacier on Forbidden Peak toward Buckner Mountain / David Summers photo.
Ross Lake from Desolation Peak / Lauren Howland photo.
From from top: Adam Roberts atop Bacon Peak / Jason Hummel photo.
Camp on a climb of Teebone Ridge on the western border of the national park / Jason Griffith photo.