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Good stuff guide


By Pat Grubb

Lifaloft Insulated Flannel Shirt Jacket

The classic flannel shirt, only better. Lightweight Lifaloft keeps you warmer longer. $160. Hellyhansen.com

Grayl geopress purifiet

Fill, press, drink. This portable purifier makes 24 oz of safe, clean water no matter where you are. It filters out pathogens, pesticides, chemicals, heavy metals and even microplastics. $89.95. Grayl.com

Odin Stretch Light Insulator Jacket

This men’s and women’s super light hooded insulator jacket features four-way stretch and is ideal for intense days in the backcountry or closer to home. $230. Hellyhansen.com

529 Garage

Got a bike? Protect it with 529 Garage! Each year thousands of bikes are recovered by the police who are unable to return them to their rightful owners. This worldwide registry program not only deters thiefs, it gets your stolen bike back to you. Free. Project529.com

Tern GSD s10

Stefan from Bellingham’s Seattle Electric Bike says the Tern GSD is the perfect, do everything bike for Bellingham. Haul, carry kids, go long range and power up the hills on this superhandling bike that is the same length as a standard bike. $3,999. Seattleelectricbike.net