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Sled dog racing

Sled dog racing By Sue Madsen Frost crystals glitter in the cold morning air, and a brittle layer of hoar frost crunching under my skis is...

The Elusive Mr. DeBari

Professional snowboarder and Glacier native Lucas DeBari took a moment out of his roller coaster year to tell us about his past, his present and the upcoming projects he’s excited about.

Fall 2013 Photo Gallery

Click an image below to see it full size.

Snowshoeing 101

Snowshoeing 101Story by Aubrey Laurence When I first moved to Bellingham from Colorado, someone in a bar told me that if I could survive...

Fall Hikes

As the days become shorter and temperatures become cooler, biochemical processes begin to work their magic, transforming shades of green to a wide assortment of hues.

Between Land and Sea

NEXT ARTICLE: Randonnée Repairs Between Land and SeaSpringtime tide pools are full of lifeStory by Sue MadsenThe space between sea and land is a mysterious...

Summer Night Skies

Crystal clear summer nights are perfect for watching meteor showers and stargazing. When and where to watch, and some apps to help.

Wolves in Washington

In 2008, I watched three wolves kill a bull elk in Yellowstone National Park.

North Shore Rescue

It was about a week before Christmas 2012 and snowing heavily in the North Shore mountains when snowboarder Sebastian Boucher went missing in Cypress Provincial Park.

Modern Day Explorers

Sail to ski adventures with Krüger Escapes.