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Mountain Travel & Rescue

Mountain Travel & Rescue

by National Ski Patrol

Written by experts, this manual is designed to help snowsport enthusiasts succeed in mountain environments, in the backcountry, and in any season.

North Cascades Crest

North Cascades Crest

by James Martin

Martin offers an intimate portrait of the North Cascades through stunning photographs, first-hand accounts, and careful


Anything Worth Doing

Anything Worth Doing

by Jo Deurbrouck

This true story of two fearless adventurers and their 900-mile trip down the Salmon, Snake and Columbia Rivers, along with other thrilling adventures.

Carins: Messengers in Stone

Cairns: Messengers in Stone

by David B. Williams

Williams explores these worldwide markers – where they come from, what they mean, why they’re used, how to make them, and more.

The Last Voyageur

The Last Voyageur

by Vince Welch

This biography of Amos Burg reveals the

inner life of one of the most accomplished adventurers of his day.

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